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Morphing Words Just the Way of the World-Not Just the Web

14 Nov, 2008

Every day, it seems, we encounter strange new words on the Web. Twiller? That sounds like Elmer Fudd referring to a certain Michael Jackson album. Greenlashing? Oh, that's from a savage fight in the...More >

Take Advantage of How Software Suppliers Use the Channel

14 Nov, 2008

The first article in this series points out the plusses and minuses of the different channels software/service suppliers use. Even if a channel partner will worry about such issues for you, it is

...More >

The Software Channel: Lessons Learned from How the Biggest IT Spenders Acquire Enterprise Software

13 Nov, 2008

The British-government-associated educational consultancy Becta recently announced a much anticipated " new framework agreement to enable educational establishments to obtain software licences."

...More >

Android, iPhone Woo-and Sometimes Alienate-Developers

05 Nov, 2008

The battle between the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1-and other devices from Apple and Open Handset Alliance-largely will be fought in the cyber-trenches of Apple's App Store and the Android Market....More >

Security Threats Make It Vital to Work Together

04 Nov, 2008

Imagine an outsider comes to your company, trying to tell you what you "must" do.   "Hi, I've been doing free work for you. I'm not a customer, nor will I ever be. Please do this. By the way,...More >

IT Research Analysts Are Independent but Stovepiped?

30 Oct, 2008

According to spokespeople and others within the leading IT research firms, IT folks spend up to $2 billion a year on IT research and analysis. They base their estimates on analysis from Outsell, the...More >

IT Research Firms' Focus, Resources Vary Widely

30 Oct, 2008

Do IT managers and staffs always buy the IT in the upper right quadrant of the Gartner chart, or with the highest market share in an IDC spreadsheet, or riding the biggest wave in a Forrester...More >

Business Analyst Role Changing to Fit Needs

29 Oct, 2008

Asking what a business analyst does seems like a pretty straightforward question, but it rarely yields a straightforward answer. Unlike many other IT jobs, companies often don't have clearly defined...More >

Prediction Markets Add Employee Input to Business Forecasts

29 Oct, 2008

Does anyone in your organization listen to the opinions of employees below the middle-management level? Are those employees willing to offer opinions? For many organizations, the answer is no, on at...More >

Using Social Networking to Help-Not Hurt-Business

27 Oct, 2008

As business increasingly takes to online social networking, many of us find it creating awkward and confounding situations.   It's natural for new technology to create new dilemmas. But where's...More >

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