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Do Security Vendors Understand the SMB Landscape?

05 Jul, 2007

Vendors must understand that the differences between small- and medium-size business (SMBs) and enterprises are qualitative as well as quantitative.   Michelle Dickman, the president of TriGeo,...More >

The iPhone Is Not an Enterprise Tool -- For Now

03 Jul, 2007

One of the questions in the background of last week's iPhone frenzy is whether or not it is a stable corporate tool. The wait is over, and the answer is that at this point, it is not. Beyond that --...More >

An 'Honest' Alternative to GPL v3

02 Jul, 2007

With the advent last week of the GNU General Public License version 3, we've seen much ado in the media regarding what the license does and does not allow in terms of open source software...More >

WiMax, Competitors Vie to Create Powerful Ecosystems

27 Jun, 2007

Several very interesting issues are at play in the rollout of wireless broadband technology. Indeed, the landscape that will dominate the next decade and beyond is being created now, as WiMax...More >

The Barbarians Behind the Gate

26 Jun, 2007

It's an exaggeration to say that the world of security has been transformed during the past few years. But it's only a minor stretch.The security industry indeed has undergone a significant and...More >

GPL v3: No Big Changes for Users; No Final Answers for ASPs

22 Jun, 2007

Although the General Public License version 3 draft process generated speculation that the OSS model would change dramatically, the current draft of the leading open source license would have little

...More >

Rosen Says His Open Software License Solves GPL v3's Problems

21 Jun, 2007

When the General Public License revision process began, observers agreed that the new version of the most popular open source license would have to address license compatibility, digital rights...More >

Tired of Predatory Lending? Sarbox It

14 Jun, 2007

No one's arguing that predatory lending isn't a big problem -- perhaps more so now that the housing market is flat. Sites like and organizations like the Center for Responsible...More >

Can Senate Come Together on Immigration Reform?

14 Jun, 2007

The ideological gaps between opponents and supporters of Senate Bill 1348 appear to be wide indeed. Witness the complex series of political stalemates -- outlined here by Washington Post columnist...More >

Business Before Individual Needs, Says IT/Business Alignment Expert

11 Jun, 2007

Employees who put departmental or even personal objectives ahead of broader corporate goals are frequently the culprits in organizations that suffer from IT/business misalignment, says consultant...More >

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