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The Real Meaning of Digital Transformation

31 Oct, 2017

The bottom line is that digital transformation is a human, not technical, challenge. In many cases, it is scary.

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iCIMS Works with Google to Use Machine Learning to Match People with Jobs

24 Oct, 2017

Machine learning can help match job seekers with the best employment opportunities. iCIMS, a provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, is participating in Google’s Cloud Job Discovery beta program.

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The IIoT: Limitless Potential and Steep Challenges

23 Oct, 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things is a huge step for commercial, industrial and other complex and dense environments. The challenges are real and substantial, but the progress toward implementation seems steady.

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Voice of Tech Companies Having an Effect on Social Issues

09 Oct, 2017

One issue that is front and center for tech companies is net neutrality. Tech leaders see convergence between social issues and innovation in their industry.

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Gfast Is Fast, and Will Be Even Faster Soon

26 Sep, 2017

Gfast appears to have arrived. In some instances, it will greatly increase the capacity of end-to-end twisted pair copper circuits and in others, it will provide variations of fiber-dominated approaches by increasing capacity of the non-fiber portion of the connection.

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Ransomware and SMBs: The Backup Plan Should Be the Main Plan

12 Sep, 2017

SMBs hit by ransomware are doing a better job of doing the right thing, such as making backups and educating themselves on malware.

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The Speedy Evolution of SD-WANs

16 Aug, 2017

SD-WANs are evolving quickly because they fill a need. Businesses and carriers are energized.

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Surprising Moves in Cybersecurity 500 List for Q2

25 Jul, 2017

Cybersecurity Ventures continuously looks at new companies for inclusion in the Cybersecurity 500, by soliciting feedback from CISOs, IT security practitioners and service providers, and researching hundreds of cybersecurity events and news sources.

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Wearables Will Wear Well in the Enterprise

26 Jun, 2017

Smart watches and smart glasses almost certainly will continue to be the most common wearables. But niches, such as materials used to make clothing and that can detect dangerous fumes, heat or illness, will become stable.

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Are Enterprises Ready to Take a Quantum Leap?

12 Jun, 2017

The details of how quantum computers operate are more or less impossible to understand, but harnessing the power of quantum mechanics to create incredibly powerful machines is not a pipe dream.

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