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Artificial Intelligence: Present Trends and Its Future

21 Dec, 2016

Artificial intelligence is a set of complex algorithms and technologies that enables machines, systems and software to make human-like decisions. You may not realize that you're already using AI.

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Social Media Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

19 Oct, 2016

Avoid falling for social media pitfalls of sharing and trusting too much. This is a time when a little skepticism and being wary can go a long way toward protecting your personal and organizational information.

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Will This New Approach Fix Authentication?

18 Oct, 2016

Zero-factor authentication appears to avoid the weakest links in current approaches to authentication.

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Telecom and Fleet Management Enjoy a Close Relationship

12 Oct, 2016

Fleet management platforms allow companies to hit tighter appointment windows, for example, which is particularly important to the cable industry’s efforts to improve its public image.

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Gain More Control of BYOD Apps with an Enterprise App Store

13 Sep, 2016

An enterprise app store will not be successful unless it is well managed and populated with apps the employees want to use.

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Rules Provide Some Certainty for Commercial Drones

07 Sep, 2016

The FAA new rules, or Part 107, were met with a collective sigh of relief and even cheers by the drone industry.

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The Digital Disruption Revolution

29 Aug, 2016

The term “digital disruption” is believed to have come from the disruptive innovation concept.

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

09 Aug, 2016

Digital marketing is more than just an easier, cheaper alternative to big, high budget ad campaigns.

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Bluetooth, Seeing IoT Growth, Seeks to Build on a Successful Standard

08 Aug, 2016

Bluetooth 5, married with the IoT, will revitalize this strangest of protocols, which manages to hide in plain sight.

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IPv6 Is Safe, If Approached with Care

20 Jul, 2016

Whether IPv6 is dangerous or not depends more on the people running it than the addressing scheme itself.

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