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CRM Plus BPM Lies at Heart of Superior Customer Experience Management

27 Feb, 2018

Organizations are starting to view investments in CRM and marketing applications within the context of a larger exercise in business process management (BPM).

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How to Create Your GDPR Budget

27 Feb, 2018

You are going to have data privacy-related costs, with or without GDPR; however, as GDPR compliance is part of your security and privacy plan, you will need to think about extra funds.

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CRM Applications Leaders Prepare for Digital Business Battle

22 Feb, 2018

In many ways, CRM apps from a digital business perspective are already the front-end apps that provide insights into the supply chain. Vendors are removing the friction that exists between enterprise apps.

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Selecting Project Management Software Today, and Tomorrow

21 Feb, 2018

Project management platforms can extend from simple apps to sophisticated software stacks with deep functionality. And projects that are being managed are as broad and differentiated as businesses themselves.

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GRC Product Packages: Finding the One That’s Best for You

20 Feb, 2018

Questions around selecting a GRC product package start with who is driving the decision-making process and continue on through where your organization wants to be in relation to where it is now.

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Path to BPM Needs to Start with Keen Understanding of the Process

08 Feb, 2018

The primary decision most IT organizations need to make when it comes to BPM is still whether to buy an application or build one themselves.

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What IT Management Needs to Know About CRM Capabilities

01 Feb, 2018

CRM applications are being integrated with everything from e-commerce systems to marketing applications, and AI and ML are expanding capabilities quickly.

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DevOps Management: New Teams, New Processes

30 Jan, 2018

For upper-level management, a successful conversion to DevOps will require equal parts leadership and support. The vision of how it is to evolve and its overall contribution to the business process will have to come from the top.

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IT Management and DevOps: Product, Not Process

23 Jan, 2018

Implementing DevOps is not just a matter of deploying new development software or upgrading infrastructure but encompasses the entire spectrum of enterprise operations, including technology, people, processes, culture and the business model itself.

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How to Implement a GRC Strategy

22 Jan, 2018

Your approach to GRC strategy will be unique to your needs. Whatever your GRC covers and how it fits into your overall business solution should help you meet your industry compliance standards while protecting corporate data.

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