IT Business Edge provides a new, easier, and more effective way for you to stay on top of the IT issues affecting your company — and to help you stay on the leading edge of business IT. We offer you the unparalleled power of a Personalized IT Intelligence Agent — a service that combines the strength of advanced online search techniques with the critical thinking of experienced industry journalists. This unique approach means that we find the information you want, review it first, and give you only the best that is relevant to your professional niche — as concise e-mail reports — along with the key element of contextual analysis. As a result of this ground-breaking process (read some of our milestones), IT Business Edge delivers information to you that is focused, personalized, thorough, practical, concise, and current. Armed with this kind of intelligence, top-level IT decision makers are able to keep track of technical advances and new solutions, and to pursue IT strategies that are right for their organizations.


About the IT Business Edge Network

The IT Business Edge Network comprises some of the best known and most highly acclaimed sites in the information technology publishing business. Our more than 100 veteran journalists, analysts and editors produce award-winning and actionable information around the clock and from around the world. As the premier online network for information technology professionals and buyers, the ITBE network reaches more than 7 million IT professionals and decision makers across our network of 27 sites. Our properties include industry-leading websites like IT Business Edge, Datamation, Small Business Computing, Internet News, Server Watch, InfoStor, Enterprise Storage Forum, Enterprise Networking Planet, Enterprise Apps Today, CIO Update, Database Journal, eSecurity Planet, Webopedia and Linux Today.
With our core focus on IT infrastructure, software, security and management, IT Business Edge reaches purchasers though targeted traffic, e-mail newsletters, lead generation and online events. Our media properties attract a highly qualified audience of technology product and service buyers. They are highly educated and empowered by their organizations, from large enterprises to SMBs, to invest in IT solutions.

Why IT Business Edge?
The IT Business Edge Network is a comprehensive source for the latest global news and information about information technology. It allows users to evaluate, compare and purchase IT products and services. The IT Business Edge Network attracts experienced IT and business professionals looking for:

  • Buyer's guides and product reviews
  • Tutorials, training and skills development
  • Real-time industry news
  • IT market research
  • Archives of definitive industry publications
  • Discussion forums
  • Expert advice
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The IT Business Edge Research Team

The IT Business Edge editorial staff is dedicated to simplifying the technology decision maker's workday by providing in-depth reports that cover the most important trends in a variety of business technology topics. In short, they know what our audience is looking for.

Our team of researchers and editors has a proven track record of reporting on and evaluating the latest business technology trends. These seasoned industry experts have covered every angle of IT for leading publishers like CNET, CMP, Ziff-Davis, TechRepublic, and Business 2.0.

Kachina Shaw
Managing Editor
Kachina honed her research skills as a professional librarian in non-profits and is a former editor for TechRepublic.com, a site for IT professionals. She is Managing Editor for IT Business Edge.

Ann All
Associate Editor
Ann All covered a variety of business topics as a newspaper reporter before switching to automated teller machines — which, unbelievably, are just beginning to migrate to a Windows-based platform and more modern networking technologies like TCP/IP — as the editor of online trade publication ATMmarketplace.com.

Lora Bentley
Contributing Editor
Lora Bentley came to IT Business Edge after nearly six years as legal editor for LexisNexis. She holds a Kentucky law license and a J.D. from the University of Kentucky.

John Storts
Associate Editor
John Storts worked as an editor and technical writer specializing in software documentation before joining IT Business Edge. He currently blogs for the IT Downloads.

Susan Hall
Contributing Editor
Susan has been a journalist for over 20 years. She previously worked at news outlets including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Dallas Times Herald and MSNBC.com.

Rob Enderle
Contributing Editor
Rob is President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, a forward looking emerging technology advisory firm, and one of the most recognized commentators on tech.

Paul Mah
Contributing Editor
Paul is an instructor at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, and is a contributor to a number of tech sites, including Ars Technica and TechRepublic.

Loraine Lawson
Contributing Editor
Loraine is a freelance technology journalist based in Louisville, Ky. She was the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's webmaster and later joined TechRepublic, a technology Web site for IT professionals, as a writer and editor developing content for CIOs and high-level IT managers.

Arthur Cole
Contributing Editor
Arthur Cole has more than 15 years’ experience exploring high-tech communications issues. He has served as editor of numerous publications covering everything from audio/video production and distribution, multimedia and the Internet to video gaming.

Carl Weinschenk
Contributing Editor
Since late 2001 Carl Weinschenk has been a freelance information technology and telecommunications writer. His work has appeared online and in print at mobilepipeline, America's Network and a variety of other publications and sites. He is a contributing editor to Communications Technology magazine. Previously, Weinschenk held staff editing and writing positions at InternetWeek, tele.com, Cable World and Cable Marketing magazines.

Mike Vizard
Contributing Editor
Mike Vizard has been covering IT issues in the enterprise for 25 years as an editor and columnist for publications such as InfoWorld, eWEEK, Baseline, CRN, Computerworld and Digital Review.

Sue Marquette Poremba
Contributing Editor
Sue Marquette Poremba is a writer located in State College, Pa. In addition to IT security topics, she writes about engineering, energy, emerging technologies, eco-friendly industries and business practices, and construction, to name a few.

Don Tennant
Contributing Editor
Don Tennant has covered IT from a global perspective for nearly 20 years, serving in a variety of roles that included the Editor-in-Chief slots at both the Hong Kong and U.S. editions of Computerworld. Your tax dollars (OK, more likely your parents' tax dollars) paid for his training as a research analyst at the National Security Agency, where he honed his journalism skills and contributed to such reports as the President's Daily Brief.