To provide site users with a comprehensive technology shopping experience, from the top of the funnel research stage to the bottom of the funnel purchasing stage, ITBE provides decision-making guidance with broad context around technology lifecycles, from early adoption to management of mature products, covering digital transformation, risk management, process and application management, DevOps, data management and project management.

IT Business Edge provides a new, easier, and more effective way for you to stay on top of the IT issues affecting your company — and to help you stay on the leading edge of business IT. We offer you the unparalleled power of a Personalized IT Intelligence Agent — a service that combines the strength of advanced online search techniques with the critical thinking of experienced industry journalists. This unique approach means that we find the information you want, review it first, and give you only the best that is relevant to your professional niche — as concise e-mail reports — along with the key element of contextual analysis. As a result of this ground-breaking process (read some of our milestones), IT Business Edge delivers information to you that is focused, personalized, thorough, practical, concise, and current. Armed with this kind of intelligence, top-level IT decision makers are able to keep track of technical advances and new solutions, and to pursue IT strategies that are right for their organizations.
We provide comprehensive product research aimed at IT decision makers
We source valuable research gathered from industry thought leaders and experts
Expert IT writers provide highly technical guidance in all aspects of technology

ITBE’s editorial content maintains a tight focus on technology product comparisons, going deep into features, cost factors, vendor strengths and weaknesses.

Editorial writers research top company by compiling detailed information from research consultancies, direct user reviews and reactions, interviews with market leaders and users, and objective looks at offerings. Placing all of this information within context, with knowledge of markets and vendors, creates a well-rounded look at sets of technologies.Visit now.

Our content strategy maps across the entire customer journey and combines with 1st party, install, and IT spend data, along with segmentation and ABM services, to find prospects in market for your solutions. Our propriety tools and platforms develop and scale a results-focused approach to target marketing tactics that include leads, display ads, and more.

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