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IT Business Edge works with our vendor partners to provide informative white papers, sponsored research and webcasts on a wide variety of important business technology topics. We feature these valuable IT resources in our topical Resource Centers, where they appear alongside our own exclusive IT blog entries and Executive Briefing interviews, as well as related news, commentary, and product reviews from across the Web.

In the Resource Centers you'll find white papers and research on issues related to emerging computer technology, business communications management, in-depth TCO analysis of different technologies and strategies, open source systems, datacenter best practices, and virtualization solutions. The specific topics with their own dedicated Resource Centers include SOA solutions, IT offshoring benefits, SaaS, VoIP systems, and Sarbox compliance.

Key White Paper Topics

Application Management

Best practices and cutting-edge technology to manage the tools that make an efficient business day possible.

Budget Management

Budget allocation and cost-containment strategies to balance optimum IT efficiency with maximum business success.

Business Continuity

Ensuring your company's ongoing success with strategies for disaster recovery and 24x7 availability of your data.

Business Intelligence

The right information to the right people at the right time for informed business decisions.


Industry best practices and success stories for meeting federal and marketplace-related regulations and requirements.

Data Management

Tips, technologies and best practices to safeguard and leverage the most from your indispensable intellectual assets.

Infrastructure Management

What you need to know to take care of your business-critical hardware.

IT Security Management

Valuable information you need to protect and preserve your network, your data and the life of your business.

IT/Business Alignment

Strategies to more closely align the functionality of IT with a company's business objectives.

Server Consolidation/Virtualization

New breakthroughs for both application and storage servers.

VoIP and Telephony

Improving the flow of information to the parties that need it most, while reducing the TCO burden.

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