LinkedIn is the leading business-oriented social networking site. In 2011, LinkedIn began trading as a public company, with a reported 120 million users. With tightly controlled connections among users, job listings, professional groups and a growing number of applications on its platform, LinkedIn is frequently cited as the social site IT professionals use for career networking and information pertaining to their work.


Why Gamification Matters

Gamification is an upside-down, inside-out concept for many business and IT leaders, but it is quickly becoming a mainstream activity in the enterprise. More >

Using the Cloud to Build a Business

IT plays an extremely important role in Krossover's operations, and the cloud plays a big part in its ability to deliver analytics services to its customers. More >

Leverage Social Media for Crisis Management

Many companies devote a lot of attention to crisis management and business continuity management, yet they fail to fully tap social media as a critical resource. More >

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What Executives See as Tech Barriers to the 'Data-Driven Enterprise'

Capgemini interviewed 600 C-level executives, senior management and IT leaders worldwide about the challenges of Big Data. Scott Schlesinger, vice president and head of North American Business Information Management at Capgemini, told IT Business Edge’s Loraine Lawson that integration topped the list of concerns.

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Survey Shows Global Enterprises Struggling with Big Data

Capgemini asked 600 C-level executives and senior management and IT leaders worldwide about Big Data’s impact on decision makers around the globe. Scott Schlesinger, vice president and head of North American Business Information Management at Capgemini, explains the report’s key findings to IT Business Edge’s Loraine Lawson.

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Monitoring Monsters: How CERN Stopped Breaking Its Big Data Analytics Tool

You may be familiar with CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which built the Large Hadron Collider and this week will make a major announcement about the "God particle." CERN’s scientists have about 200 petabytes of data collected on azion monsters. To do that, the scientists write their own code to analyze the data on ROOT.

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Resource centers

Business Intelligence

Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

Editor's Choice

Overcoming Five Managed File Transfer Myths

Security Staffing

Despite the rapid growth and adoption of the technology, several misconceptions about MFT and its benefits still exist today. Here are the five primary misconceptions regarding MFT.

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Platfora Application Makes Big Data Accessible Faster

Cloud Adoption on the Rise, While Cloud Security Attitudes Remain Mixed

Google Fiber Signups to Start in December

Time for IT to Take File Sync and Sharing Seriously


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