Internal Threat

Internal threats come from employees and others with legitimate access. These people may or may not be going beyond their permitted access. For instance, a database administrator who has access rights can easily pilfer the data stored in those databases. In some cases, the thieves can mask their identities. Internal threats can come from lone wolves or those working in tandem with an outside entity. In general, losses incurred due to inside threats are more extreme than people breaking in from the outside.


Windows 8: Something for Everyone

It's the most important release from Microsoft in years, so perhaps not surprisingly, Windows 8 has a little something for everyone, from mobile and desktop users to server and storage pros. More >

Infrastructure in the Age of Big Data

I have a great idea for the next Hollywood blockbuster or 30-second Web ad, whichever generates more revenue.   I picture the trailer with your standard gravelly voiced narrator and hauntingly More >

Optimizing Local Infrastructure for the Cloud Is Easier Said Than Done

Virtualization and the cloud are poised to remake the worldwide data infrastructure as we know it.   The trouble is, there's no way of knowing exactly how all of the changes taking place are More >

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The Where, Why and How of Hybrid Storage

The key goal is to maximize flash’s utility without wearing it down.

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Virtual Desktops, Quick as a Flash

For VDI, the challenge is to find faster storage that preferably sidesteps much of the networking topology of a typical SAN. But as vendors like GlassHouse and Atlantis have shown, server-side Flash is very effective at speeding things up.

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Heady Days for Storage Optimization

Researchers at TheInfoPro recently canvassed a number of storage executives and found out that while overall storage spending is on the wane, interest in storage optimization is climbing. Technologies like automated tiering and deduplication are hot right now because even as budgets are tight, data loads continue to grow. Lead researcher Marco Coulter shares some of his insights.

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Resource centers

Business Intelligence

Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

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