Web Applications

Software was once written to be installed on client systems, but programmers are increasingly turning to Web browsers to deliver functionality, both inside and outside the network. Web applications can easily be centrally updated, and improvements in Web development tools such as Ajax allow Web apps to update data in real-time, just like hard clients. The growth of high-speed Internet access and virtualized, "cloud" computing resources are driving the SaaS market, in which powerful applications are delivered via the Web. �


What Does VMware's Stock Price Say About the Company's Future?

VMware's current stock market data makes it pretty clear there are some lofty expectations for the company's future prospects. What's behind the optimism? More >

QuinStreet Enterprise Research Examines Data Center Modernization Efforts

Eighty-eight percent of enterprises report that they are investing in their data centers, which are seen as having the potential to add value to the business. How will they do it? More >

Windows 8: Something for Everyone

It's the most important release from Microsoft in years, so perhaps not surprisingly, Windows 8 has a little something for everyone, from mobile and desktop users to server and storage pros. More >

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IP Increases WAN Flexibility

One approach is to aggregate capacity from multiple providers and present it as one stream to the enterprise local-area network (LAN).

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Management in a Multi-Hypervisor World

The enterprise is all but destined to encounter a multi-hypervisor environment, either at home or in the cloud.

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How Parallels Intends to Make the Cloud Better

The cloud is commonly thought of as a mere extension of the data center, but this is not necessarily the case when it comes to application performance.

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Resource centers

Business Intelligence

Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

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