Internet Explorer

After defeating Netscape in the "browser wars," Microsoft's Internet Explorer enjoyed almost complete domination of the PC Web browser market - until the past few years. Plagued by numerous security woes and slow introduction of key features, such as tabbed browsing, IE has lost market share to rival browser Firefox and other niche browsers. The releases of IE7 garnered positive reviews, although IE remains a much larger and resource-intensive program than many of it peers due to its tight integration with Windows.


Cost, Capability Concerns Still Dog Desktop Virtualization

Imagine for a moment a company that has amassed more than five million users within a decade by offering a lower-cost technology that is comparable, if not superior, to the status quo. You would More >

What's Holding Back Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Enterprises of all stripes have enthusiastically embraced the many flavors of virtualization over the past decade, consolidating server, storage and networking resources in a bid to lower costs and More >

Technology Helps Make Telecommuting Work

When Dan Demaree, CEO of public relations company the DPR Group, first began letting employees telecommute, the technology they used was somewhat primitive.   Knowing that they planned to work More >

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Virtual Desktops, Quick as a Flash

For VDI, the challenge is to find faster storage that preferably sidesteps much of the networking topology of a typical SAN. But as vendors like GlassHouse and Atlantis have shown, server-side Flash is very effective at speeding things up.

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For the Desktop, Think Centralization, Not Virtualization

Arthur Cole spoke with Barry Phillips, CMO, Wanova.   Is it possible that we have been approaching desktop virtualization all wrong? Many organizations have implemented VDI as a means to reduce More >

Streaming, Non-PC Devices Among Key Internet Changes

Carl Weinschenk spoke with Dave Caputo, the co-founder, president and CEO of Sandvine. The company released 10th Global Internet Phenomena Report: Fall 2011 late last month.   The Internet is More >

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Resource centers

Business Intelligence

Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

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