Network Adapters

A network adapter, often called a networking card, is the hardware that allows a computer to interact with a network. The phrase "adapter" became popular when most PCs needed add-on hardware for networking and is still commonly used in reference to wireless networking. Network adapters often are an issue in the data center, where new high-bandwidth connections such as Infiniband and Fibre Channel may require new networking hardware. Network adapters can be traditional PCI cards or simply use USB.


Fibre Channel in an Ethernet World

When an industry is in transition, long-term decision-making carries a great deal of risk.   That is particularly true of the data center industry, which, arguably, has been in transition since More >

The Future of Fibre Channel

Storage networking is a lot like a used car. Do you continue to pour money into an aging machine, or do you bite the bullet and upgrade to the newest model?   And if you decide to upgrade, does More >

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The Right Flash for the Right Reasons

Proper utilization requires adjustments to both hardware and software resources, even down to the application level. Shirish Jamthe of PCIe flash specialist Virident Systems argues that effective due diligence is the only way to determine what type of flash is warranted, or whether it is needed at all.

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Meeting the Cloud Migration Challenge

New infrastructure, even when it's built on the cloud, is not very useful if data and application migration does not go smoothly. As you might expect, this requires a fairly sophisticated handoff between internal Ethernet and iSCSI infrastructure and the cloud. QLogic has been busy building intelligence into its storage routers specifically for this purpose.

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Server-side Flash: The New Storage Architecture?

Arthur Cole spoke with Gary Orenstein, vice president of products, Fusion-io.   What does the future hold for the SAN? In many organizations, it has become a trusted component of the data More >

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Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

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