Open Data Standards

Open data standards ensure interoperability between software that needs to operate on the same data. Examples of open data standards include XML, HTML and JPEG. In contrast with proprietary standards, open standards are publicly available and carry no royalty fee, though various guidelines may dictate how they can be used. Open data standards are often associated with open source software.


Accessibility Guidelines Unlock the Web for Millions

Jenifer Simpson just refinanced her house. She did it all online.   But depending on how well the Web site was designed, tasks such as accurately filling in all those fields could be impossible More >

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The Creative Destruction of Drupal

Dries Buytaert, creator of Drupal and CTO of Acquia, talks with Agile CTO Blogger Lorreta Prencipe about the forces driving Drupal and how the open source community surrounding Drupal operates. More >

HTML5 Digs into the Specifics

Susan Hall interviewed Google's Ian Hickson, who serves as full-time editor for the HTML5 specification for the both the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group and the Worldwide Web More >

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Resource centers

Business Intelligence

Business performance information for strategic and operational decision-making


SOA uses interoperable services grouped around business processes to ease data integration

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing helps companies make sense of their operational data

Editor's Choice

Five Tips to Build a Brand in 2015

Security Staffing

In the coming year, the technological connectedness of everyone on Earth will reach a level never before experienced by humanity. The old rules don't apply in this world. New rules must be developed.

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Software Lets You Spin Private-Cloud Big Data Clusters

The Battle over Law Enforcement and Cell Data

The SDDC: Still a Work in Progress

Nimble Storage Connects Hybrid Array to Fibre Channel


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