Virtualization Special Report

Virtualization has matured far beyond the server farm, to bring similar hardware and management benefits to storage, networking, the desktop and more.


In Step with Virtual I/O

Sure you can partition a dozen virtual servers on a single physical one, but all that data still has to go through one I/O. So it was only natural for the virtual I/O to emerge, explain vice president of technology Sanjeev Jorapur and senior director of marketing Vikram Karvat, both at NetXen. NetXen has already made a name for itself with 10 GbE adapters and is getting ready to push the envelope on virtual networking.


Virtualization More Powerful Than Ever

The same ideas, it seems, that made virtualization so attractive to the server farm can have equal benefits on the storage side, in provisioning and file clustering. And along with new thin client architectures, virtualization contributes to much-improved disaster recovery and business continuity planning and preparation. Add the virtual I/O, and a revamped enterprise begins to emerge.


Thin Clients Are Not a One-Size-Fits-All Technology

Wyse Technology has been touting the thin client architecture for some time, so it's no surprise that it would be at the forefront of the latest approaches that seek to leverage virtualization. With a new partnership with Citrix under way, Jason McGeough, product manager, says it is well on the way to addressing growing concerns about resource management, security and resistance from workers long accustomed to working from their own local drives.


The Virtual Path to Vista

While enterprises have been interested in the virtual desktop for quite some time, most have lacked a compelling business case to adopt it. That could all change with Microsoft's Vista, says David Roussain, vice president of product marketing, Virtualization Systems Group, for Citrix Systems. Additional benefits of a virtual desktop include prolonging the life of existing desktop hardware and minimizing user downtime during upgrades.



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