Savings in office rent and travel costs, plus increases in productivity and recruitment of desirable job candidates are all possible — provided that managers take care to keep their teams in close contact and on task.


Big Savings for Telework — but Only If the Job Is Done Right

If implemented correctly, telework can cut corporate expenses by 40 percent or more, according to Charley Grantham, the executive producer of the Work Design Collaborative. Grantham tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the keys are to tie telework into the bigger strategic goals of the company, roll out a comprehensive program, and communicate with employees.


Telecommuting Thrives, as Part of the Bigger Picture

Telecommuting is being subsumed into the larger world of mobility. The overall trend is upward as devices and networks become more robust. This is leading companies to rethink their space requirements and how they manage their employees. These trends show no sign of slowing, says analyst Gil Gordon.


Telecommuting: Good Recruitment Tool, Used Wisely

Robert Half International is one of the biggest employment firms in the world. Frank Han, a vice president of Robert Half Technology, recently discussed telecommuting with IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk. Han addressed the impact of the gas crisis, telecommuting as a recruitment tool, and what savvy companies should look for in an employee before letting them work from home


TIGTA Watches IRS Workers, Often in Their Homes

The biggest management problem a telework project poses is an unexpected one, says Joseph Hungate, principal deputy inspector general, Office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Managers like the sight of busy workers at their desks and can resist cutting the cord to let people work at home. But education alleviates this problem, Hungate told IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk.



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