Partnering for Energy Efficiency Special Report

Because just about everyone is now focused on improving energy usage, partnerships and joint projects will be playing a key role. Private and public sector, vendor and client, and competitors of all types have the opportunity to work on a common goal.


Simple Steps to a Greener Data Center

If you talk to most data center design experts about improving energy efficiency, you generally get recommendations on expensive new cooling technologies or infrastructure improvements. Wally Phelps at AdaptivCool talks turkey about the simple things you can do to save energy. And there are a number of them.


Energy Efficiency: What Cannot Be Measured Cannot Be Improved

One of the chief obstacles in creating the green data center is the myriad ways in which energy consumption can be measured and interpreted. Juniper Networks and Ixia are the latest to devise a standard measurement framework that hopes to provide a reliable, accurate means to compare one device against another. They call it the Energy Consumption Rating. Ixia's Sunil Kalidindi explains the concept behind the initiative and how it will benefit the industry at large.


GE, Google Partner for Energy Efficiency Innovation

General Electric spokesperson Peter O'Toole discusses the company's partnership with Google on green energy: Why the companies decided to join forces on this issue, what they hope to accomplish generally, and the particular project that is of first importance.


The Dollars and Sense of Going Green

Going green in IT is touted as a way to reduce energy costs. But how do you demonstrate the cost savings to the CFO? Chris O'Connor, vice president Tivoli strategy and marketing and IBM Software Group Green, explains how companies are measuring the impact of their green IT initiatives in real dollars.



Energy-Efficient Ethernet Standard in Motion | EE Times
Proposals focus on use on 100 Mbit and Gbit chips.

Solar Industry to Create U.S. Manufacturing Jobs |
And will be a $74 billion business by 2017.

CA and APC Offer Joint Data Center Energy Use Optimization Solution Set | CA
Assessment, integration and management form the structure.

Compress Data Center Energy Use | ecogeek
Is it possible to cut it up to 95 percent?

IBM Introduces New Blade and Energy-Efficient Software |
Dual-core Power6 processors and energy-management features.

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