Long Live Windows XP Special Report

For better or worse, the fate of XP is a moving target.


Skipping Vista Won't Solve OS Problems

Forrester analyst Benjamin Gray discusses why XP's end is inevitable — in spite of widespread protest — and explains how customers can make the transition to Vista less painful.


Why Force Vista When Users Want Windows XP?

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman speaks out regarding the publication's decision to launch and support a "Save XP" petition drive that has garnered nearly 200,000 signatures to date. XP is perfectly good, he says. Why stop selling it?


With Vista, Enterprises Are Shouting. Is Microsoft Listening?

Has the furor over Vista actually been any worse than the hue and cry when XP was released? Is Microsoft listening to customers calling for it to keep XP? Roger Kay, president of market intelligence company Endpoint Technologies Associates, shares his thoughts on Microsoft's relationship with its customers.


Vista Offers Value, but Not Enough Yet

What comes next? Is it even feasible for companies to skip over Vista and wait instead for Windows 7? And with talk that Windows is so big it's essentially "broken," what form should the next version of the operating system take? We'll talk to Brenda Cooper, a futurist and CIO of the city of Kirkland, Wash., about Microsoft's Windows strategy from here.



Windows XP Life Extended, but Limited | News.com
Ultra-low-cost PCs can have it.

Dell Will Continue to Sell, Support XP | InfoWorld
Offers customers a "downgrade."

Is Vista Really Safer than XP? | Jesper's Blog
Testing shows Vista does have fewer vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Customers Need More Time to Migrate, Analysts Say | InfoWorld
Burton Group and Gartner recommend a two-year transition period.

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