ITIL: Making IT Work for You


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is finally catching up with industry demand for more clear emphasis on the entire IT lifecycle and its service provision to the organization. CIOs like the clarity — and the fact that the expense of implementing ITIL should be reduced. In this special report series, IT Business Edge talks to IT pros in the field, analysts, consultants, and the authors of a key book.


Gardner: ITIL v 3 Coincides with New Focus on IT Governance

Later this spring ITIL v3 will be released, and the eight books that now make up the core IT Infrastructure Library will be replaced with five new volumes. Those books, according to readers who helped review them beginning this past winter, will better emphasize the need to coordinate technology goals with those of the underlying business. We query Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst for Interarbor Solutions, to preview what the new version will have in store and why it's been refocused with an audience of mid-level managers in mind.

Success Story: Shifting IT's Focus Toward Business Needs with ITIL

The focus of IT ought to shift away from the technology itself to the business needs, says Joe Lithgo, director of the State of North Carolina's Operational Excellence Program, a government-wide initiative that recently became the first public-sector ITIL project in the U.S. to be named the year's best by Pink Elephant. Switching that focus in an organization the size of North Carolina's state government has been a monumental effort.

Real-World ITIL: Don't Panic

Two words: Don't panic. That's the message from Troy DuMoulin, one of two authors of the book, Defining IT Success Through The Service Catalog. The title is hardly sexy, but the book has sold out its first printing. DuMoulin argues that the IT industry landscape is changing so fast many confident pros can feel threatened. Don't surrender, he says. He and co-author Rodrigo Flores, founder and chief technology officer of newScale, write that the service catalog holds the key to managing the transition from a tech-centered approach to IT to a customer-centered approach.

New ITSM Accelerator Should Make ITIL Adoption Simpler, Says MEGA

MEGA International is convinced that businesses ready to implement the IT Infrastructure Library need some help doing it faster and less expensively. It's willing to bet enterprise clients will spend $15,000 for a new advanced version of its ITSM Accelerator. We talk to Terence Lee, vice president at MEGA International, to get an idea of who will benefit from the new tool they are launching and what it can do.


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