Collaboration Special Report

It sounds easy and it seems like everyone is already doing it, but effective collaboration is more than meets the eye.


Inside Cisco's Collaboratory

Cisco wanted a better way of sharing the massive amounts of data and employee wisdom it collects. That desire led to the Collaboratory, a multifaceted collaboration platform that offers wikis, audio and video podcasts, social networking, innovative ways of linking and viewing data and other features. Patrick Tam, the senior management of operations, tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the Collaboratory has grown in features and employee use.


Serving the Not-Ready-for-Facebook Players is one of the hottest online communities for professionals. Chief Collaboration Officer Adam Zawel told IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that his task is to bring in executives who understand that consumer social networking sites such as Facebook are important and here to stay — but who don't necessarily feel comfortable using them.


Better Speed to Market Changing Value of Collaboration Setups

A tremendous amount of information, goodwill and potential means of improving business processes are frozen in the guts of an organization. Freeing this latent information can be done with emerging collaborative tools and the increasing willingness of people to use them. The path toward creating this new intellectual infrastructure is winding but rewarding, says Vanessa DiMauro, president of Leader Networks.


Mining Siloed Employees' Knowledge a Key Collaborative Prize

There are bright — even brilliant — people working today. Many, however, are stuck in silos and don't communicate with people outside their normal realm of activities. Glen Mohr, the principal of Mohr Collaborative, tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that breaking down these barriers can benefit the employee and the company. While collaborative tools don't cause energized communications, they are key enablers.



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