Ten Approaches to Protecting Mobile Data

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Application Virtualization

Mobile applications can be isolated from the underlying device operating system and security precautions taken in case the device goes missing. In such a scenario, the application would not exist if an unauthorized person tried to access the network.

Mobility exploded onto the business scene during the past decade and, needless to say, is here to stay. Now, important and sensitive tasks are as likely to be performed on smartphones, tablets and other non-PC devices as on big machines sitting on office desks.

Security has been a bit of a game of catch up. It is complicated by a couple of ongoing challenges: Like diet and exercise, people (and the companies for which they work) pay lip service to good security practice, but usually skimp, forget or get lazy. On top of that, the emergence of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approaches complicated things significantly.

But great progress has been made. SNS Research reported in September that the investment in mobile device and network security in 2013 alone will be $9 billion. This slideshow covers some of the latest techniques and approaches to bolstering mobile data security.


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