Survey Highlights Serious Security and Compliance Problems

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Health care surprises, but gaps persist.

Health care, often considered slow to adopt new technology measures, is making strong gains. When asked if their company has security and compliance policies for transferring files electronically, health care was well above average, with 90.4 percent saying “yes.” When asked if employees/co-workers have the capability to encrypt email, health care was ahead with 84.8 percent saying “yes.”

Despite improvements, problems persist. Roughly one in three health care respondents felt employees/co-workers do not fully understand policies, with three in four feeling employees/co-workers “routinely” or “occasionally” violate these. While 87.7 percent said their company permits use of mobile devices for email, 40.3 percent report no BYOD policy and 11.7 percent are unsure. And, more than a quarter have used, or recommended others use, free consumer-type file transfer services, with 30.5 percent saying their company doesn’t forbid use of these services.

Email encryption provider, DataMotion, has released results of its second annual survey on corporate email and file transfer habits. Among the findings is a far-reaching communications disconnect between IT management and non-IT employees on security and compliance policies. Results also showed a disturbing percentage in IT management taking compliance risks. Additionally, the survey looked at such critical areas as the use of free consumer-type file transfer tools and corporate email on mobile devices. The survey polled more than 400 IT and business decision-makers, focusing on industries that deal with sensitive data and compliance regulations such as financial services, health care and government.


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