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gPanel Security & Discovery (gSD) is an advanced governance, risk management, and compliance platform for Google Apps. The auditing engine thoroughly analyzes and records the current state of your data every night. This allows you to self-assess your risk and exposure by reviewing creation, modification, and deletion dates. Instantly review data access exposure. Have the ability to produce reports on every doc that was changed for a given day and who changed it.

Take a proactive approach to data security and data loss prevention (DLP) with features such as shared policies management (white list and black list domains in the shares) and Lock Box (onDemand Document Locking & Storage). gSD not only has the ability to discover Intellectual Property (IP) contained in your data, but more importantly you can define an action to take place to secure, protect, or copy of that found data.

Cost: 14-Day Free Trial

Google Apps provides a less expensive, Web-based alternative to traditional proprietary software. In addition to the standard Gmail, Calendar and Doc features, there are a wide variety of integrated apps available that add functionality to Google Apps. These integrated apps also include single sign-on capability, thereby limiting the number of passwords users must remember. This slideshow features nine of the highest-rated apps for security and compliance from the Google Apps Marketplace.


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