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Ten Critical Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider-11

The elasticity of the cloud is one of its key advantages — but make sure your prospective cloud provider can accommodate the volume of growth you anticipate, as well as unexpected spikes in demand for service, with the level of performance your users demand. Also, be sure you’re not a guinea pig for an untested cloud architecture. Explain your needs to a prospective cloud provider and find out whether other customers with your same profile are currently deployed on the system. A cloud provider with real customers should be able to explain best practices for your needs and have references from other businesses. And don’t assume that only a large, established cloud vendor will be able to meet your requirements; there are many small, up-and-coming providers that can deliver a higher level of service than the big players, with greater scalability, at a comparable price point.


There is no question that businesses can benefit from moving data to the cloud. The cloud is elastic and efficient. It can improve user productivity and unburden IT staff, saving time and money. It can accommodate anything from simple file sharing to mission-critical data backup. The question is, just how secure is your cloud? And how do you know?

There are major differences among cloud providers in their approach to security and their use of security technologies, processes, and personnel. These differences can have a major impact on the availability, integrity, accessibility, privacy, and compliance of your data — and can directly impact your business.

This slideshow provides a list of questions, developed by Syncplicity, that you should ask any prospective cloud provider, whether that is your internal IT department or a third-party cloud service provider.


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