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IPv6 is rumored to be more secure than IPv4 because it supports IPSec VPN.  However, IPSec only provides security if you set it up, and it’s also available for IPv4.  IPSec doesn’t make IPv6 any more secure than IPv4

This myth isn’t entirely false: the large addresses make IPv6 harder to “scan” than IPv4.  An intruder in your network can’t run a quick ping sweep across your network.  The number of possible IPv6 addresses gives even a small network as many addresses as today’s Internet.  However, this exception isn’t entirely true, as there are tricks with IPv6 neighbor discovery to find PCs without scanning.

IPv6 has been on almost every IT team’s “to implement next year” list, but with World IPv6 Day happening on June 6th, many websites will be making the switch and staying there. Jim MacLeod, product manager, and the team from WildPackets have taken a closer look at 10 myths and set the record straight about this enigmatic protocol to help the transfer go more smoothly.

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