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In the same vein as patch management, configura­tion management offers an efficient means to dras­tically improving the protection of your endpoints. Limit privileges for end users to keep system set­tings as closed as possible, and enforce measures such as firewall settings. This will drastically re­duce the attack surface hackers have to go after on your systems.

Developing a secure configuration baseline is a critical step towards protecting endpoints. That’s why the U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) formerly the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) was established for U.S. federal agencies. This highly successful initia­tive is a good example for any organization in the public or private sector seeking to improve endpoint protection.

Quick Tip: Don’t Rely Too Heavily on Group Policy Objects

True, Microsoft Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can offer administrators a way to enforce con­figuration policies on the endpoint. But GPOs have a big Achilles heel: they can often be overridden by local admin end users and are complicated to manage in multi-domain environments. Utilizing a centralized tool that can globally enforce configurations, independent of domain structure, will provide easier identification, prevention and remediation of end­point configuration drift.

In this increasingly mobile world, today’s endpoint rarely remains confined in the office and behind the corporate firewall. The modern endpoint is moving. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or a smaller device, they connect to corporate networks after plugging into ho­tel computers and coffee shop wireless connections. What’s more, these very mobile devices generally contain more sensitive, corporate data than ever.

Today’s IT department needs to protect these corpo­rate endpoints as much as possible, preventing costly malware outbreaks and data breaches, and keeping the company name out of the headlines. This slideshow features five tips, identified by Lumension Security, Inc., to help even the busiest IT pro stay on top of endpoint security, even as the barrage of attacks intensifies.

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