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Use Distributed File System (DFS) and (-R)eplication with file servers. Raise the bar on file sharing.

Managing file resources across multiple file servers can be a fragmentation nightmare, since you may be addressing gaps with third-party products for backup, replication and centralized management. Take control of disparate and disjointed file server resources and create a simplified, logical, fault-tolerant file availability strategy with DFS (Distributed File System) and -R (Replication). The DFS-R technology uses the newer RDC or "diff over the wire" protocol to efficiently update only deltas and changes rather than the whole file as was done in the past with NTFRS technology and MD5 comparison. Using these feature sets you can join file shares from many locations and organize them logically into manageable structures. This will also allow you to use AD integration to create location aware services so that users can find the nearest server. In addition to logical structuring, DFS replication can be used to duplicate data across multiple servers and protect against single points of failure. This is definitely NOT the file sharing of yesterday.

In this slideshow, Azaleos identifies tips focusing on Active Directory improvements. They have collected the following best practices from their network operations centers for making Active Directory run more smoothly in 2012. These tips cover a lot of ground, from consolidation down to smaller items, such as using the new recycle bin feature. Start small and tackle each of these items gradually. This will enable you to stay current with required fixes, while monitoring the health, performance and functionality of your AD enterprise for smooth sailing into the new year.

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