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In most cases, Exchange does a very good job of maintaining how pages in each mailbox database are used. When a message is deleted by a client or a mailbox is moved, the corresponding page in the database is marked for re-use and freed to the store. However, the Exchange ESE database does not shrink, since nothing is really deleted in the database itself.

Under high database usage conditions like large mailbox moves, mail storms, etc., it is possible for significant amounts of “whitespace” or unclaimed pages to exist. A ratio of approximately 25 percent whitespace is healthy. If your database exceeds this threshold, you should run ESEUTIL to free whitespace back to the file system. 

Consult Microsoft Technet for specific command lines to run this tool for defragmentation and how to identify unused pages in the database. Also, keep in mind that this tool takes the database offline and will cause a reseed in new versions of Exchange. So plan accordingly.

As 2011 comes to a close and we prepare for 2012, Azaleos has pulled together 10 maintenance tips that will keep Exchange Server in top shape heading into the year. If incorporated into routine management practices, they will keep it optimized year round. So without further ado, here are the Azaleos top 10 management tips for Exchange.

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