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Step Three: Management Assessment

To convince their organizations‘ management, small businesses highlight virtualization benefits.

How did you convince your boss to approve your server virtualization investment?

  • “1. Savings in long run; 2. Lower downtime compared to our previous system; 3. Better management of resources.”
  • “I focused on the rapid recoverability and specific business needs. Typically I don't go down to too low a level unless I need to. It's not about the server being physical or virtual, heck how many bosses know how many servers you have now?"
  • “It pretty much sold itself, the things you can do to minimize downtime, the cost savings, the manageability, the disaster recovery options, the maturity of the product –you get the idea. Using the VMware editions comparison chart and a handy IT budget, we worked out the best bang-for-buck solution.”
  • “With the old Microsoft tag line for Server 2003: Do more with less. We didn't have the physical space for more servers, so I said, ‘Why not make better use of what we have? Look at all these resources sitting there idle.‘”
  • “We packaged ours with VPN rollout and an updated DR plan. This gave the management things they wanted for our organization and gave us the up-to-date tools we needed to do our job.”
    – Spiceworks, a social network for IT, crowdsourced quotes

How can small businesses know if virtualization is a fit? To answer this question, CDW surveyed nearly 300 small business Information Technology (IT) professionals through Spiceworks, a social network for IT, interviewing those that have and have not virtualized for their perceptions of and experiences with server virtualization.

The resulting Small Business Virtualization Roadmap examines the opportunities and challenges related to server virtualization.

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