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If you carried out the experiment on the previous slide, you probably found that your friends dropped their hands at the end of your sentences. That’s also an appropriate time to move on to another person. By doing this you’re adding “formatting.” In a written document there’s punctuation, paragraphs and headings to guide the reader. In a presentation, the presenter adds the formatting by the way they deliver. The movement of your eyes is one way to add verbal formatting.

Note: If you tend to talk in long sentences, you may find that making eye connection with one person for a whole sentence is too long. If that’s the case, move to another person at the end of a phrase. (And work on making your sentences shorter – that will make it easier for your audience to digest what you’re saying.)

Even a newbie at public speaking knows they should make eye contact.

But the term eye contact is rather vague. It can infer just making fleeting “contact” with a person then moving on. Don’t make eye contact – make “eye connection.”  Eye connection means spending time with each person so that person feels like you’re talking just to them. Eye connection has two major benefits:

  1. People in your audience will feel that you have genuinely connected with them and that you care about their reaction.
  2. Because you’re talking to people as if you were in a one-on-one conversation, you’ll come across as conversational. That makes you easy to listen to and engaging.

This slideshow features eight tips on how to make eye connection, provided by presentation trainer Olivia Mitchell.  Visit Olivia’s website for more presentation tips.

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