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The best dressed people understand that continually updating one’s closet is a must to stand out among the crowd. Ongoing attention is required to maintain that “totally together” look that comes from a well-organized closet. Similarly, with the business continually changing, keeping the application portfolio balanced and optimized to meet the ever evolving demands and priorities is vital. This constant rebalancing act requires more than just cost reduction and ongoing operational improvements. It requires dynamic portfolio management – a systematic approach to assessing and categorizing the portfolio, which continuously anticipates change, understands change, and quickly adapts to change.

The biggest single business issue that many IT organizations wrestle with is trying to contain the size of the applications portfolio they are asked to manage. Many organizations simply fail to take a hard look at which applications can be retired and, as a result, the cost of the IT infrastructure needed to support all those applications spirals out of control. Here are some tips from Hewlett-Packard about how to rationally clean up the applications portfolio.

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