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The majority concede that they are not all that good at information management.

Over half (56 percent) say that it is at least very important to have effective information and data management in order to meet compliance and regulatory commitments, and the vast majority (87 percent) say it is at least quite important to have effective information and data management in order to meet compliance and regulatory commitments.

The majority of companies (63 percent) also indicated that information management could become much more efficient in the organization. Only one quarter report that they are very efficient or better at capturing the business information it needs.

One quarter of companies rate their storing of business critical information as very or extremely efficient, whereas only around two in ten companies rate their current storage approach to be very efficient or better in terms of time and cost efficiency specifically. The same proportion rate themselves as very or extremely efficient at securing business critical information. A high two thirds of companies say that they are only either efficient or somewhat efficient at monitoring/managing the business critical information that is captured.

One of the dirty little secrets of enterprise IT is that information is not all that well managed. IT organizations process and store data. But rarely is there a holistic approach in place to manage it. The end result is that IT costs spiral out of control.

A new survey of 641 business and IT leaders, conducted by the market research firm Coleman Parkes on behalf of Hewlett-Packard, finds that there is broad recognition of the problems associated with information management, but very little consensus about what exactly should be done to alleviate it.

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