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Provisioning in the cloud is convenient and quick, which provides both agility and a huge potential for abuse. Migrating too much or moving too quickly can lead to complete loss of control by IT and exponential costs. Remember virtual sprawl? Multiply that by 50. Additionally, it will become even tougher to monitor and report on service level agreements (SLAs) as applications move between physical, virtual and cloud environments. On top of that, you may be required to purchase individual point tools to manage it all.

The issues IT departments will face this year are becoming more apparent. Top of the list is how companies can leverage all facets of the cloud. Recently, uptime software, Inc. released its "watch list," highlighting potential cloud pitfalls that IT departments must be aware of before migrating infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

Gartner research shows that cloud services grew by over 16 percent in 2010, and that this type of growth is expected to continue through 2014. However, as companies execute their cloud strategy, it's essential to weigh the risks (loss of control, unhappy end users) and rewards (potential cost savings) that are unique to the cloud.

"Cloud computing has the potential to offer organizations dramatic operational efficiency and cost savings, but when improperly managed it can have disastrous results," said Alex Bewley, CTO of uptime software. "This past year, organizations began experimenting with cloud and in 2011 much of that experimenting will become full cloud adoption. CIOs, IT Managers and System Administrators alike need a sound plan along with deep performance monitoring in place before moving to the cloud in order to ensure the end result isn't a new job hunt."

This slideshow highlights the top cloud pitfalls, identified by uptime software, inc., that should be avoided.

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