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If anything, the scale of natural disasters and terrorist attacks in the last decade has taught us the importance of backing up data not only at different venues, but at geographically dispersed locations. While it can be argued that the copy of data at your backup vendor already gives you the needed geographical dispersion, it seems counterintuitive to pay for a vendor that doesn’t even have a network presence at two geographical locations.

So your company has finally decided to take the leap and eschew traditional backups in favour of an off-site data backup strategy. Due to its increasing popularity, a number of vendors have sprung up to meet the demand for off-site data backups.

Paul Mah was interested in finding out more about what businesses should expect from their off-site data backup vendor, so he quizzed Jennifer Walzer, chief executive officer and founder of Backup My Info!, for a better understanding of this relatively nascent industry. Walzer gave a number of pointers on what businesses should expect from their off-site data backup vendor, to which Paul added his own notes.

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