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1. Web threats continue to grow unabated

Businesses of all types have moved to the Web as companies increasingly adopt external, Web-based applications and employees bring consumer applications into the enterprise. Unfortunately, criminal enterprises are following the money, and on the Internet, they have found a global market of potential victims.

Since 2007, Web-based threats have been the primary way of stealing confidential data and infecting computers. In 2008, two-thirds of all known malware was created. And in just the first six months of 2009, new malware exceeded all malware detected in 2008. Phishing also increased 585 percent over the first six months of 2009, and more than 300 corporate brands were victimized. In 2010, phishing is predicted to grow exponentially.

Blue Coat Systems has released a comprehensive list review of security for 2009, and included in the mix are its predictions for the biggest security threats for the coming year.

Among the more notable trends Blue Coat cites:

  • As e-mail continues to get more secure, the bad guys will shift increasingly to social media and even smartphones as their attack vectors of choice.
  • Multi-relay attacks will continue to grow in prevalence.
  • Mobile workers will still be the most vulnerable to attack.

Click through this slideshow for even more information on Blue Coat's predictions for 2010.


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