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When it comes time to deploy, make sure you have the right tools-6

When it comes time to deploy, make sure you have the right tools


Manually upgrading each computer to Windows 7 would be a huge time and resource drain, especially if your business has multiple locations, types of systems, and shifts or schedules. Using an automated deployment tool to rollout Windows 7 will:

  • Ensure a cost-efficient deployment by allowing you to plan, schedule and deploy in heterogeneous and distributed environments. It will also let you streamline deployments to dynamic groups based on specific criteria, such as business unit, department, location, user, type of system and readiness of system.
  • Minimize end-user downtime because you can time the rollout based on things like user downtime and bandwidth throttling, and 'wake' offline devices to migrate machines in the night. Also, if there's an error, a deployment tool will automatically roll back the update eliminating user downtime due to disabled devices.
  • Reduce the workload for administrators by eliminating the need to manually configure each user profile and update computers without site visits or night-shifts.

Umesh Shah of Numara Software gave us this helpful rundown of steps to prepare for the move to Windows 7. (You can check out Shah's full column on the issue here.)

If you’re planning to move to Windows 7 before 2012, questions you should be asking yourself now are:

  • How will we identify which systems can be upgraded and which cannot, and how will this impact our budget?
  • What do we need to do to prepare targeted systems and users for the migration?
  • How will we create a plan that is both measurable and attainable and regularly report on progress to executives?
  • How will we maintain user productivity during the migration?
  • What is our plan for ensuring a successful migration?
  • How will we prepare for unforeseen issues following the migration?
You should also keep up on our ongoing coverage of issues related to Windows 7. Be sure to read:

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