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5. Provisioning

"Virtualization presents two key challenges as it applies to application management -- understanding the impact of resource sharing and ensuring that adequate resources are provided to support existing and new application workloads. The key to streamlining application environments is to first determine how the four core resources -- CPU, memory, disk and network -- support applications in the context of meeting performance, availability and service level objectives. Next, organizations need to understand the relationships and interactions between all the components in the virtual infrastructure and how the applications leverage them. Finally, with these dependencies understood, IT teams need to monitor the performance of each component supporting the application while correlating that data so that it's consumable by service owners and others in IT management."-John Newsom, vice president and general management of application management at Quest Software.

What once took hours can now be done in minutes. Not only can new servers be brought online quickly, but they can be broken down, rearranged, reassigned and redeployed to suit the needs of the moment. And that greatly improves...

Virtualization has taken a firm hold at most enterprises these days, but the fact is we've only just begun to unleash the true potential of the technology. Our Arthur Cole spoke to analysts and industry experts to compile the following quick list of the ways virtualization can benefit your business.

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