Security 2016: What to Expect in the New Year

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Prediction: Android threats get real.

In 2015, Android security was a major hype factor for startups. Cyber security experts at Cyphort say that in 2016 we should expect Android devices to become a serious vector for cyber attacks, as part of the attack surface for infiltration into business networks and assets. This is driven by two main factors: (1) Android phones are really showing their presence on enterprise networks with or without BYOD blessing and (2) the open platform has been embraced by consumers as well as bad actors with a prolific rooting malware industry.

Tip: To stay ahead of the curve, organizations should implement a solution that continuously monitors Wi-Fi access for all mobile devices. The solution should provide basic visibility into applications and corresponding network activities when running through the corporate IT infrastructure. Solutions should also identify and stop threat activities, such as infiltration and data theft, through Wi-Fi networks. Of course, additional measures (e.g., endpoint agent) will be required along with granular BYOD access policy enforcement in order to protect against unauthorized access and data theft over 4G networks.

As another year comes to an end, security experts are looking back at the trends and most notable breaches in 2015. From Anthem to the Office of Personnel Management to top security vendors falling victim to infiltration, 2015 was a banner year for malware, data breaches and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Using what they've learned from the past year, cyber security experts are looking at what's ahead for 2016. With the ever-changing threat landscape and cyber criminals always working to stay one step ahead, it's important for organizations and consumers to take proper security measures. In this slideshow, experts from AppRiver, Cyphort and CounterTack look at what trends we can expect to see in the year ahead, as well as tips on how to prepare.


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