Nine Considerations for Enterprises Establishing a Mobile BI Strategy

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Ensure that existing traditional BI security roles and privileges are carried over to mobile BI apps and ensure that a new authorization mechanism is not invented. Given the BYOD craze, this is more important than ever.

Today’s “Gen Y” work force, which embraces “bring your own device” (BYOD), including tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, is forcing organizations to put into place comprehensive mobile business intelligence (BI) strategies. While the enterprise mobility team will be the primary drivers in terms of choosing the right mobile strategy, there are very specific items related to BI that organizations must carefully consider. It’s crucial that the BI strategy and mobile BI apps work alongside the existing enterprise mobility strategy, complementing it and supporting it. A lot has been written and discussed about the mobility side of the equation, but not on the BI-specific needs that enable mobility. This slideshow features nine crucial considerations, identified by Kumar Ramamurthy, global practice head and chief technologist, DW BI/Information Management Practice at Virtusa, that enterprises must keep in mind when creating a mobile BI strategy.


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