Looking for a Disaster Recovery Solution? Start Here

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Partial vs. Full Recovery

Determine the type of scenarios for which you are preparing.

Most "disasters" are not disasters at all but are partial outages within a data center. The complete loss of a data center is an unlikely but catastrophic event. Are you preparing for both? If in fact you lost your entire data center, would your potential DR plan even work? It is critical to really understand which case you want to cover and at what cost.

For many companies, disaster recovery (DR) is still a mystery. Many of those companies probably say, "I back up, so why do I need disaster recovery" or "That sounds complex and costly, why bother." But when it comes down to it, today's enterprises are facing an exponential growth in data and applications that must be managed and protected. Cost and complexity force many organizations to settle for backup solutions, simply ignoring the fact that what they really need is comprehensive – but accessible – disaster recovery.

The reality is, there are DR solutions that can be initiated over a lunch hour — they can be installed in 30 minutes and can begin protecting applications and data within 60 minutes. The same solutions can deliver disaster recovery at 50 to 75 percent lower total cost than any other solution available today.

So your enterprise wants to explore a disaster recovery program. Where do you start and who takes the lead? How do you sell it to the powers that be? Marc Crespi, CEO of OneCloud Software, has outlined five tips to consider when looking for the right DR plan for your business.


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