In the Cloud or on the Golf Course, Hazards Can Be Devastating

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Winning Tactic #9: Do encryption right.

Do not store encryption keys in the software where you store your data. IT teams need to keep physical ownership of encryption keys, as well as vet the strength of the encryption techniques being used. And don't forget data in use. Data in use is, effectively, the data that has been loaded into a process and is in the memory of the program that is running. In general, this data is in the clear while being processed and is typically not protected by techniques such as the in-cloud-based encryption provided by the cloud service provider. Make sure you own the entire encryption process of your sensitive and regulated data.

The 2015 U.S. Open capped off with a thrilling finish against a backdrop of breathtaking views of the Pacific Northwest. Chambers Bay Golf Course in Washington State played host. Anyone familiar with this course knows that "there aren't traditional golf hazards, like water and trees, but there is trouble everywhere at Chambers Bay," as one sports blogger wrote.

It's a similar scenario for IT and security pros responsible for management of their organization's cloud usage. Cloud apps are ubiquitous and the associated IT challenges are many. More than half of respondents to this Ponemon study say their organization currently transfers sensitive or confidential data to the cloud. Still, more than half of IT professionals admit to not having a complete picture of where their sensitive data lives.

In the spirit of the U.S. Open golf tournament and the 18 tricky holes at Chambers Bay, Perspecsys will caddy for a full round with tips and tricks to avoid the hazards – the privacy, compliance and security hazards of cloud computing – and guide you confidently through the course to realize the full benefits enterprise cloud adoption can offer.


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