How to Promote Yourself on the Job

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Who You Gonna Call?

You've gone to all this effort and created a wonderful value list. Notice how good this feels? You really are a Rock Star! But how do you apply all this effort to advance yourself on the job?

The first, no-brainer application is at performance review time. For you to walk in with a finely tuned, professionally prepared list is highly impressive. But even more impressive is your having previously mentioned one-on-one to your boss over the water cooler that you came in and spent four hours on the XYZ account over the weekend to prep for Monday's presentation. Hey, she wasn't there. If you don't tell her, how will she know? This is actually the scenario Gillis envisions for you to embark on. Casually and consistently let your boss know you are the bomb! Just don't do it so often that you become 'that guy!'

The wise man never saw how valuable it would be to be able to walk into a meeting with management to discuss your future and you providing a well-documented list of all those things you have done weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually since coming on board. Nobody does this. Until now.

Over the years, Rick Gillis, author of PROMOTE! It's Who Knows What You Know that Makes a Career, has counseled job seekers and studied the phenomenon called employment. Seeking advanced knowledge, he scaled a great office building. (OK, he used the elevator!) At the peak, he met a wise, old, retired human resources professional who shared a sage piece of career wisdom with him. The HR professional said that, unknown to most mortals, before you turn 30, the corporation you work for has already determined if you are to be groomed for management or if your career will be, effectively, stalled. And more, these employees will never know that this has occurred because they will continue to receive attaboy's and an occasional raise but never again will they be significantly promoted.

Gillis says he has learned that the wise, old HR professional spoke the truth — as he understood it. What he did not know, and what Gillis has discovered doing battle with the demons of advancement, is that there is a universal solution to this dilemma and mere mortals can learn and become proficient at professional personal promotion on the job.

In this slideshow, Gillis shares his advice on how to overcome this obstacle by promoting yourself on the job.


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