How to Monetize Data in Five Steps

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Step Two: Assemble the right team

If you think of analytics as a football team then it requires an owner, a coach, a quarterback and a center. The rest of the team forms around this nucleus. The owner is the primary business sponsor and must be a VP or C-level executive. The coach should be a consultant or firm that specializes in analytics. The quarterback is a line-of-business person who has the expertise to keep the project focused on business outcomes and the center of the line is held by IT. The coach works on a daily basis with the quarterback and the center to produce an effective outcome.

Information is money. A lot of information should mean a lot of money. Unfortunately, most organizations are still struggling with the idea of how to turn data into profit. Everywhere you turn you hear about the benefits of Big Data, how it'll change everything and open a new world of opportunity, yet most companies are sitting on a pile of data they just don't know how to capitalize. So how do you do it?

ICC, the business and IT solutions company that correctly predicted the 2014 Oscars and designs collaboration solutions for today's workforce, has outlined five steps that can help organizations avoid being part of the estimated 70 percent of companies that fail to achieve business value projected from their Big Data initiatives.

"Any major technology initiative by your organization demands a sound strategy aligned with your business goals," says Steve Grover, vice president of Business Analytics at ICC. "It is not simply the latest shiny object to be enjoyed for a while, then, tucked away discreetly when it doesn't fulfill expectations that were never properly defined."

In this slideshow, Grover offers some guidance for IT and line-of-business professionals when looking to extract value from their data initiatives.


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