Holiday Madness: Five Ways Managers Can Help Employees and the Business

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Reducing Stress During the Holidays

Click through for five things managers can do to help relieve employee stress during the holiday season, as identified by author K. Palmer Hartl, MDiv.

We all know that for those who observe the late November and December holidays, life can be hectic. Most of us no longer have someone at home who is polishing the silver, decorating the house and baking the cookies or whatever treat goes with your holiday celebration.

Today's workers are doing it all. They are bringing home the bacon and having to cook it, as well. During normal times, this can be stressful, but during the end of year holidays, it can be even more difficult. Added to this is the fact that in these post-recession times, workforces are leaner than ever. Additionally, people are worried about the security of their jobs, all of which adds to the stress.

The wise manager knows that this is the case and does some thinking about what might be done so that the stress from work does not make things worse. At a minimum, this means planning the workload so that it is not at the peak during the holidays. In this slideshow, Palmer Hartl, author of "The Ten Commandments of Management," offers five tips managers can use to help ease the pressure on their employees.

K. Palmer Hartl, MDiv graduated from Grinnell College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. He graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1968, where he received an MDiv, with a concentration in counseling and group dynamics. While in his first parish, Rev. Hartl began additional training in group work, team interaction,  and Transactional Analysis. This eventually led to a career as a pastoral psychotherapist and leadership and management consultant to for profit and not for profit organizations.  


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