Five IT Trends That Will Change Your Monitoring Habits

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10Gbps ethernet has fallen to well under $1000/port on the low end. That’s making it fairly cost-effective to deploy, but the speeds make it difficult to monitor. To put that speed into perspective, that’s faster than a hard drive, and could fill 8GB of memory in 10 seconds. You simply can’t capture traffic that fast by plugging in a laptop.

Monitoring 10G traffic means either reducing your expectations or changing your perspective. Your switches might give you NetFlow stats for 10G, although it might be sampled. A more scalable approach is infrastructure-based capture, in which dedicated capture appliances are installed at key points to monitor and record your high-speed links. If that’s not in your budget, a compromise is to get a “portable” packet capture appliance, with 10G PCIe interfaces and multiple TB of storage. While it will be less convenient, it will give you visibility where you need it.

IT continues to change to address needs of businesses and employees. The consumerization of IT has uncoupled users from the desktop, and virtualization and cloud have added to the agility of servers. While the attention and appreciation of our often under-recognized industry is welcomed, for network administrators these new methodologies can add complexity while trying to monitor a corporate network.

Some of the growing trends that we have seen in 2013 are BYOD, cloud migration and a continued growth in VoIP, which dives a bit into more technical territory. Accepting these trends while shifting your network monitoring strategy to accommodate them can be difficult. Jim MacLeod of WildPackets, an international provider of network monitoring tools and equipment, provides top trends in the IT industry, and how best to monitor your network while still enjoying the benefits of IT consumerization and virtualization.


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