Five Critical Customer-Experience Management Capabilities for 2014

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Web content management: Drive captivating interactive brand experiences

Businesses today are struggling to provide consistent, integrated experiences that engage customers across all interactions, and they are relying on IT for help. As the demands from the business and the growing complexity of IT infrastructure continue to increase, it can be difficult to deliver the required service levels with limited resources.

A Web content management (WCM) system plays a pivotal role as the central content hub for contextually relevant experiences across channels, but it's crucial to look for a system that has been architected to act as part of a wider ecosystem of digital marketing technologies. Modern Web-based integration points can help connect on-premise and cloud-based solutions that jointly drive a great customer experience. Efficiency and interoperability are key – and Web content management is a crucial part of that.

As the number of interactions and touch points with customers continues to increase, from mobile to social to digital channels, the customer experience process has become extremely complicated – and unfortunately, the technology is left fragmented.

To streamline the process and strategy, CIOs should ensure they have resources in five key areas: Web content management, marketing campaign automation, ecommerce optimization, documentation and language/localization. Each provides unique benefits to enterprises – and ultimately – the consumer itself.

In this slideshow, SDL's Howard Beader walks through the five customer experience capabilities that CIOs and CTOs should ensure they are prepared for in 2014.


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