Financial Sector Sees Cyber Incident Increase in February

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Health Care

A slight decrease in risk for health care was also seen in February. Data (83.6 percent) was by far the top trending result of cyber criminal activity, resulting in personal information stolen/leaked and credentials stolen/leaked appearing in 57 percent and 21 percent, respectively. How did the bad guys do it? The top practice in February was unauthorized access at 38.5 percent. The previous 90 days showed network intrusion as the top category, however that appeared in just 13.8 percent of the incidents in February. Several notable events occurred, including a stolen laptop affecting 7,900 patients at Riverside County Regional Medical Center, unauthorized patient access of 14,000 by an employee at UMass Memorial Medical Group, and the loss of medical paperwork that fell out of a courier vehicle on behalf of Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, affecting 6,600 patients. In Tennessee, 500 employees were notified that their information was stolen and used by thieves to try to file bogus tax returns in their names. These and other examples show the many potential attack vectors common across health care.

In February 2015, Financials was the lone industry sector with cyber crime incidents above six-month averages. This is largely attributed to the massive breach at health insurer Anthem. SurfWatch Labs collects and analyzes cyber-incident data and through that process, Anthem accounted for an astonishing 42 percent of all the negative CyberFacts collected in February. This caused the Financials sector share of overall cybercrime discussion to jump by more than 33 points – from its 12 percent six-month average to 46 percent. Additionally, Financials had 46 distinct cybercrime targets discussed in February, a significant rise from January's 28.

What happened in Consumer Goods, Information Technology and Health Care in February? Each saw slight improvement over January activity, although all industries unfortunately experienced notable incidents that call for due diligence. In this slideshow, Adam Meyer, chief security strategist, SurfWatch Labs, highlights the findings from each sector.


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