Digital Integration: Overcoming Enterprise Data Challenges

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Optimizing Assets and Operations

Many industrial companies have already started their digital journey toward industrial Internet maturity. Reaching maturity involves five stages with corresponding technology components that allow an enterprise to 1) connect, 2) monitor, 3) analyze, 4) predict and 5) optimize their assets and operations.

This can be accomplished on-premise and in the cloud, depending on the current configuration of your data architecture. The first step is to connect all critical assets across the enterprise. This requires a highly scalable and fault-tolerant software system that enables cost-effective data storage, abstraction, visualization and analytics.

In order to exploit the fast-moving technology wave of the industrial Internet, companies need to think strategically and holistically about the foundational elements of their data architecture and asset management approach.

On-ramping with cost-effective data management technologies that can aggregate, store, analyze and visualize terabytes of data pulsing through assets and systems across the enterprise is a critical foundational step.

They give business leaders and operators a single source of truth to improve asset-level visibility, cross-operation performance, knowledge capture and employee collaboration. Having these capabilities in the field or in the cloud enables the enterprise to extract value from insights that would have otherwise remained hidden within islands of dark and disparate data.

Digitizing operations has become an imperative for the modern industrial corporation.  Technological progress in computing, sensing, storage and communications technologies has made it easier, faster and cheaper for organizations to accelerate adoption of Big Data and asset management technologies. 

However, with the growing volume of data from assets and operations, there are significant challenges that asset-centric companies need to overcome to reap the benefits of digitization. In this slideshow, Shefali Patel, director of strategy and marketing, GE Digital, discusses the challenges inherent in working with large volumes of data and how to successfully leverage enterprise data.


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