Attack the Stack: 5 Tips for Successful Cloud Deployment

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Embrace Industry Certification and Training Programs

An OpenStack skills shortage is a major barrier when it comes to advancing into the private cloud. In fact, the Linux Foundation’s 2016 Open Source Jobs Report revealed 87 percent of hiring managers say it's difficult to find open source talent. To combat this, 79 percent have admitted to increasing incentives to hold on to their current open source professionals. This aligns with SUSE’s finding that 78 percent of IT professionals who have yet to adopt the private cloud are being put off by this dire need for talent in the industry.

There is enormous pressure for businesses to innovate faster, and vendors are attracted to the collaborative nature that accompanies open source. While the demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, another resource businesses can look into is engaging the OpenStack Foundation on certification and training programs. The OpenStack Foundation and OpenStack solution providers are always developing a range of training courses and continued expansion of certifications.

Clearly there have been concerns within enterprises about how their cloud infrastructure should be integrated and managed. SUSE sponsored a study that found more than 81 percent of senior IT professionals are planning to move or are already moving to OpenStack private cloud. Those who have yet to move have expressed concerns about implementation, vendor lock-in constraints and a shortage of OpenStack talent in the market. So what can IT do to make their companies less reluctant to pursue the private cloud?

Pete Chadwick, senior product manager, Cloud Infrastructure, SUSE, shares some best practices on leading the way to a production-ready OpenStack cloud solution. 


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