5 Ways to Ensure Secure Executive Communication

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Set User Access Restrictions and Permissions

Collaboration and communication are key elements to the success of any organization, but when it comes to handling sensitive data, there are plenty of cases when access needs to be limited, even among members of the executive team. Smart tools are available that can enable both user- and role-based permissions all the way down to a specific page within a document. This is equally important when sharing sensitive data outside your organization's firewalls with third-party partners or regulators. Look for apps that enable a partner's seamless, mobile access but with security comparable to that of your existing network infrastructure.

These tools should also operate as secure containers that allow total control by the company. Sensitive materials should not be able to be saved to a user's device and additional printing and email capabilities should be managed by the company and set on a user-by-user basis.

Both of these steps help ensure that no information falls into unintended hands and the information goes no further than the company desires.

As you work to create a strong information security posture for your organization, it is important to consider the security framework surrounding executive communication with each other, the board of directors and even third-party partners. Executives frequently need to review and communicate about sensitive information while on the go and outside your network. As more mobile communication options become available, organizations must take precautions to secure the mobile apps and data executives are using.

In this slideshow, Diligent Corporation, a provider in secure collaboration tools for executive teams, shares five steps you can take today to tighten security around executive communication.


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