2016 Trends: Preparing the Network for Web-Scale Demands

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Castle-Style Security Will No Longer Suffice

Today's multi-layered approach to security has room for improvement. Much like a castle is protected by a moat, and then walls, and then rooms to protect rulers and their riches, enterprises leverage firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, identity and access management, unified threat management, and other tactics to protect user data. But what about the armies of men out in the field? How can they be protected? In 2016, we'll see network and security decision makers take bolder steps to address data security while it’s in-transit, and at the optical layer, arming organizations with a truly holistic defense for data at-rest and in-transit. With advanced optical encryption techniques, enterprises and service providers alike can add an extra layer of security for data traveling across all networks, from point A to B.

Loudon Blair, senior technology director, Network Architecture, Office of the CTO, Ciena, believes that in 2016, we will continue to see fundamental changes to the way networks are designed, architected and provisioned in order to meet the growing bandwidth requirements of today's web-scale world. The web-scale dynamics currently impacting the network include the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and virtualization, HD video and mobility. As organizations get more comfortable with these changes, we'll see them make adjustments based on lessons learned.

In this slideshow, Blair outlines networking trends that we can expect to start seeing in 2016.


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